Test Equipment

I do occasionally buy old/used/broken test equipment and repair/restore them for personal use and for the satisfaction of having nice T&M gear for the fraction of the original price tag and preserving the environment.

AEG AC 3000 CAN 0...30 V / 0...100 A / 3 kW industrial battery charger used as a laboratory power supply
Bentron N3000 Laboratory power supply with multiple channels (very old stuff)
HP/Agilent 6050A HP 6050A DC electronic load mainframe with:
1x HP 60507B 150 V / 60 A / 500 W load module
2x HP 60501B 60 V / 30 A / 150 W load module
HP/Agilent 6632B DC system power supply 0...20 V / 0...5 A dual quadrant (source/sink) precision power supply
2x Fluke 87 Industry standard digital multimeter
Fluke 289 Precision datalogging digital multimeter
Infratek 304B Precision 3-phase wattmeter
LeCroy Wavesurfer WS44Xs-A 400 MHz / 2.5 GSa/s Digital oscilloscope based on a Windows XP PC
Rohde & Schwarz URV5
Rohde & Schwarz URV5-Z4
RF millivoltmeter / power meter with 100 V feedthrough head
Tektronix 2432 300 MHz / 100 MSa/s Digital storage oscilloscope with CRT
TTi TG1010 10 MHz DDS arbitrary signal generator

Repairs, Mods and Teardowns

Bosch EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) Car diesel engine ECU